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About US

Loop is an up and coming company founded in the city of Cordoba Argentina in 2011. We are dedicated to the art of digital Visualization. Our team consists of a group of creative and passionate digital artists who mix a relentless pursuit of innovation with the hard work and responsibility needed for a professional creative company.

Loop offers two of the most important factors for the digital visualization process: Careful attention to detail and the accountability necessary for you to feel confident that your projects visualization will be realized. At Loop we believe that the client not only needs a service provided, but a partner to help create their vision of the project.



3D Rendering

Specializing in architectural exteriors and interior design projects as well as product design and still-life shots. We produce visualizations of photo-realistic images that capture your vision and bring it to life.

Video & Animation

Utilizing our outstanding rendering abilities and art direction, we create a video sequences and visual experience that bring your brand and vision to the next level.

3D Modelling

Our 3D modeling service can be beneficial to a wide range of industries including civil engineering, architectural development, manufacturers, product developers, and others. We work with all levels of conceptual development to assist you in executing your objective.


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Creative Teams

Our creative minds will make your ideas possible

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Architect specialized in the design and interpretation of projects.

Pablo Martinez

Creative Director
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Industrial designer Specialized in the generation of 3D scenes and environments.

Lucas Compagnucci

3D Developer

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To provide an accurate estimate of time and fee we require some basic information about the project’s scope of work. This includes the type of project (renderings vs. animation), project objectives, deadline, location, the style and or incorporation of people, and any and all available drawings, sketches, CAD/Revit files, and 3D models. A fully completed project is not required for an estimate, but the more information you can share, the more accurate estimate you will receive for an outstanding finished product.

3D modeling

We will either model your project from the information you have provided or work with the model you have provided. Providing a 3D model is not a requirement, however many firms are able to provide 3D Models which will help LOOP understand what your intentions are and the state of the model provided. Often times having a client’s model will speed up the project’s timeline, which has the potential to reduce project fees. However, adjustments and remodeling are frequently required for incorporation into working models.

Lighting And Materials

After camera views and animation paths are approved, LOOP will proceed to material applications and lighting. Each scene is lit with the desired day, dusk, or night scheme as indicated by the client. Lighting is a critical step, as it establishes the desired atmosphere for each image and how materials will be perceived in the 3D environment. Progress images are provided for feedback and coordination throughout this process.

Final Rendering

Once final comments are received, LOOP will execute high resolution images and any required post-production adjustments. Client satisfaction is our number one objective.

you can use an eraser on the drafting table or a sledge hammer on the construction site

Frank Lloyd Wright

i prefer drawing to talking. drawing is faster and leaves less room for lies.

Le Corbusier


Loop Studio

Lima 322, Córdoba, Argentina.

+1 (503) 746 9155

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